He dumped me, so why is he upset that I went out?

Hi all, confused about a recent breakup, my boyfriend of 8 months broke up really abruptly with me 2 weeks ago, it wasn't the first time and as I've children I'd decided enough was enough. I changed my number and got it together quickly, he Facebooked me last night to say a friend had seen me out in a bar talking and dancing with a guy I'd met last night and as a result he couldn't even be my friend anymore, I'm so confused? Dumped equals single?
Thanks in advance for your help xx


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  • Because he still has feelings for you and doesn't want you to be with anyone else, but since he broke up with you it's his loss and he should mind his own business

    • Thanks, and I hope everything works out for you 😊

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  • He is a douche who is just possessive about you, but still does not want to be with you.

  • Well not sure of the abruptly was about, possible mood swing etc something bad happened to him bla bla bla, but then you said you changed your number and stuff, does that mean you both broke up? If so even if his friend had see you out talking and dancing to another guy, it doesn't really mean anything since your both broken up as well as people should know what happens when you do certain things. And if he doesn't want to even be friends that prob means he doesn't even want to TRY to get back together. A guy with no DETERMINATION to try an get back together is not a guy worth putting effort on.

    But thats my opinion. And everything i say is just theory.


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  • He still has feelings for you. Completely ignore him for a full month (if you have for 2 weeks, then do another 2 weeks). Do you still have feelings for him?

    • He always comes back after about 4 weeks but because I have children I can't allow it, they need stability and because he's met them and formed relationships with them it's different. I love who I thought he was, I actually don't even know if I like him let alone love him. At one time he was everything to me.

    • Then keep your distance. It sounds as though he's slightly immature and needs to grow up. He might change but it has to be his choice. You're doing the right thing for both you and your children x

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