Boyfriend left me because I didn't wear makeup?

My boyfriend and I dated for 3 months. I don't wear makeup and even before we dated, he said that I was incredibly beautiful. Our relationship was pretty great from my perspective - I really enjoyed being with him. He told me often that I made him happy and that he was always happy to see me. He made me happy too overall.

Then one day he asked if I could wear red lipstick as he liked it. I actually don't have any red lipstick but told him that I could buy some if he really wanted. When I saw him at school the next day things seemed fine, but that evening he texted me saying that we have nothing in common and we don't make a good match. Also he told me that I'm 'boring'.

I knew that the reason he gave was BS. So weeks later I finally confronted him that breaking up over text was weak. Then he lashed out saying he was the only one in our relationship who put in any effort. He was pissed that when he asked me to wear lipstick I didn't. So he left.

But I thought, hang on - how come if I was making you so unhappy this whole time you never said a word? And he always told me that I made him happy. Am I in the wrong? If it meant so much too him I would have done it. But he just left.


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  • This is all you need to know: "Also he told me that I'm 'boring'."

    A mature adult man doesn't say such a thing. He's breaking up with you and you didn't really do anything wrong, so adding that insult is totally unnecessary; even if he believes it is true, he's dumping you and there's no need to make you feel worse.

    So, all told, what he said indicates that he's an immature douche.
    You are lucky he dumped you because, frankly, it was a matter of time before you would have dumped him.

    Good for you!


Most Helpful Girl

  • He dumped you for a very stupid reason. If he found you attractive without makeup in the first place I don't see what the issue is. Maybe he wanted you to get dolled up once in a while then maybe. But you guys weren't even dating that long. Forget him.


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  • I see the problem. You dated a boy, not a man. Boys are very immature.
    Think nothing of it. Just move on and find a man.


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  • His lose not yours. Move on with your life.


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