What is my girlfriend doing and how should I act?

So I have a girlfriend, or - I used to. She is currently living at a boarding school until this summmer 80 km away from me, while her home is located in a town 50 kilometers away, which she goes to in some weekends and for the breaks. We have found love, sort of, at New Years Eve and been dating ever since.

Yesterday she told me how much she loves me, but then mentioned that she haven't been over her last relationship yet, that she's not ready for a new one and that she is not comfortable with a long distance relationship. Through her texts, she kept telling me she loves me so much and it's a heartbreaking decision to her. She also mentioned that she wouldn't exclude the possibility of getting together, ''but time must show''. I believe her.

While we had the dialog, I made a very long message about how I felt about her and the long distance thing in the beginning, but then developed myself to accept the distance and love her - a lot. In my long heartfelt text, I mentioned a few rational solutions and the fact that she will get home again after June and I can literally visit her every weekend etc., but that only resulted in her becoming frustrated and threatened to block me from Facebook if I texted her again.

So basically:

- She still loves me
- She left me for practical reasons
- I pissed her off unintentionally
- I'm sitting here not knowing how to approach this issue.

I'm definitely not going to text her anytime soon, which is probably the best, but I need some suggestions on how I can rebuild connection to her gradually and in the best way possible convince her that this relationship can work out.

I know I sound too confident at getting her back, but I honestly don't want or need any comments saying ''It's over, move on''. I need a solution to solve this problem, not to bail it.


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  • Give her time and space to get her mind and thoughts together. If it's meant to be then you and her will end up back together.


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