My best friend caught her man seeking men and women on craigslist on his Google history. He said he was bored and never acted on it. Please help her?

  • If your partner is looking at craigslist whores then they are planning on cheating on you.
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  • If your partner is looking at craigslist whores then it is just harmless fun and they more than likely will NOT attempt it.
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  • Bad enough he's checking out women, but both? Troubles brewing thwre. She should get gone.

  • I choose option C. If your partner is looking at Craigslist whores you can never 100% know thier intentions. So it's probably better to just live and try your best to enjoy your relationship until whatever happens next happens. It's healthier for you, probably healthier for your relationship, and the least stressful/most productive option anyways. I mean if he's gonna cheat what exactly are you gonna do about it? Get mad? Cool that'll only hurt you. Get even? Cool now two people are hurt for a while until they just stop caring about it. Break up before he can do it? Fine now your single guess you saved yourself some embarassment but it's still kind of a sucky option. Maybe work harder on the relationship to keep him from cheating? Well wouldn't that start with trying to enjoy and appreciate the relationship you have? Aka my option C. Just chill. Forget about it and enjoy what you have and let whatever's gonna happen.

    TL;DR- Let it be

    • Normally I would agree with this reply but this man knows she was hurt severely lthose details of the past two relationships (8 yr & 13 yrs) that has the same problem. And she left her last husband specifically for that problem and he knows that because he had witnessed the her she went through

    • I'm having a little trouble understanding what you wrote @TheStylist

  • As a man who was naive enough to believe his ex girlfriend that she was just on Tinder for "laughs" and to "only meet platonic friends" I can tell you this is 100% A LIE! If he has not already cheated he desperately wants to. Don't let her make the same idiotic mistake I did!


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