Please help me on what to do about breaking up?

I've been dating my current boyfriend only since October. However, I realized that I do not want to be with him at all anymore. We are both in college, I am very busy with internship, my last semester of college, as well as working and always having to travel for interviews for my job. He doesn;t understand this and gets really mad and annoyed when I am not there EVERY DAY to hang out. I have also realized that he is a very pessimistic person, where as I try to always be optimistic. My best friend described it as he is extremely passive aggressive, and I am aggressivly passive. We are total opposites, music, movies, interests, beliefs, literally everything. I thought this was cool at first but its been really hard lately. He makes fun of what I believe in, of what I listen to, and is just very mean to my friends and roommate. I can't deal with it anymore, I am so unhappy. I've been avoiding him the last week because eevrytime we are together all he does is provoke me and argues with me, he likes to be right.

So my question is, How do I break up with him, as nicely as I can. I have so much anxiety ending it, I hate upsetting people.

Tomorrow is vday. I am honestly dreading it because I know I will have to see him.

He has said the L word. I love him as a FRIEND. As a boyfriend he is horrible. I am not IN love with him.

We also had tickets for spring break, however that is two weeks away and Im just going to lose my ticket, I cannot spend anymore time with him.

How can I break up with him? I have never done this before. And is Tuesday, a couple days after vday okay to do it?


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  • Just be honest and direct.
    Anything else just comes off as condescending.
    He'll appreciate the honesty in the long run

  • Just be honest with him, tell him few good things about him, and your relationship and one bad. When you are criticizing someone the best way to do it, is to tell him few good things and 1 bad, the one you want to change... in this case the bad one is that you want to break up because its not working out anymore and the 4 good should be I don't know he's a great guy, wonderful friend etc.


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  • Just tell him you don't see yourself being w/him in the long run. Don't be mean, but don't stress out over breaking his heart, after all you are miserable w/him. My ex was the same and after hurting for several months I was done, yeah I prob broke his heart and ego, but I was sick of being mistreated. When you do break up w/him, do not listen to promises he makes (he will make them), if the guy truly loved you and cared for you, he would not treat you that way.