Why is my ex rude when he sees me?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up 4 months ago as he missed his ex. They are back together. I said it was fine and didn't fight his decision, & although I was hurt, I didn't show it. Since then, he has initiated chat on fb and sent pointless group joke emails, and I have made minimal attempts to reply. I have seen him twice since the break up. The first time he completely ignored me and later claimed not to have seen me (I don't believe that). Then I saw him at a party last weekend. He came over to talk and started criticizing my new hair cut and made a cutting remark when I said I was buying a house. Then he asked me if I was seeing his friend, and I found out later he'd asked his friend about me. His girlfriend was at both events. Why on earth is he nice to me online but mean in person? He asked me if I was happy and I said he was. it feels like he doesn't want me to be. We share friends who are starting to hang out more and more, and was it looks like from here on I can't avoid seeing him. I find his behavior embarrassing. He should feel bad about the way he treated me, he's got a real nerve I think. Why would he do this? He's rather flirty online.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's an asshole.

    • Yes but what kind of asshole? the problem is that our friends are socialising more and more. all I want is for no tension. it won't work to just completely ignore him, I'm not comfortable with that.. I just want everything to be normal. but would like to know why you think he is doing this?

What Girls Said 1

  • He's being a prick basically. I was almost going to get back with an ex boyfriend but he was also in contact with his ex girlfriend. it is a sign you got to move on. Do not talk to him. He's with his girlfriend now. I mean, If I were you, I honestly would not waste time talking to him or having anything to do with him at all.


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