HELP!!! What should I think of this situation?

Can anyone help me understand this?

My ex and I has been hanging out for some time now. Everytime we hang out it's always so passionate. Im talking about hugging, kissing, cuddling, holding hands. Recently he has been like opening doors for me and buying me dinner and stuff. It feels so real like we never even broke up at times. Last time we were hanging out he was holding me hand like intertwining our fingers together even though I would let go at times or he always had his arm around me. He made me coffee in the morning which he knows I love. He covers me with a blanket sometimes when I'm cold. He talks to me about his work and family, new hobbies he wants to do. Recently that he wants to move into a new apartment and get new furniture.

He brings up some things we did together when I ask. He remembers and brings up stuff about my family members.

The thing is he always says he's busy when I ask him to hangout.

I know his job is pretty demanding but I don't know if he's always working or not, he doesn't tell me what he's busy with.

I don't get what is going on with him?

He is a shy Guy if that matters at all.
Guys please help!!!


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  • He doesn't seem like he's the type to be with someone else when he's not with you. He could be that busy. He could be nervous about rekindling a relationship after a breakup. I really couldn't say.

    • Why do you think he likes me?

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    • The only way to know is to ask him.

    • He does have a one track mind.

What Girls Said 1

  • I had the same thing happen to me, it turned out he was only using me for sex. can you help me with my situation?

    My ex and I dated for 2.5 years. He said I was the love of his life, we were meant to be together, we would end up together, he would never find anyone like me, he would always love me, etc. then, he cheated on me and dumped me. this was nine months ago. we stayed in contact on and off since the break up and hung out on various occasions. about 3 weeks ago he tells me he has no feelings left and doesn't want to keep seeing each other or be a part of each others lives. he's really into partying and being single. do you think if I go NC for four months, then see him and do my best to appear happy, strong, and look good, that there is a chance he will miss me or regret leaving me?

    • Yes there's a chance but if he cheated on you do you really want him back. I mean if it happened once what makes you think it won't happen again

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