I'm soo confused.. Can you help me?

A month ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of 4yrs over looking through his phone that led to a heated argument. I spent many nights crying and suffered insomnia. I missed him of course, terribly. Few weeks later I get a message from him askin if I needed to smoke with him. I said yes. I got ready and waited a little. He ended up coming over here. I hugged him & we were laughing n smokin then it got late & he stayed the night. I kept my side of the bed and he got close to me. I tried to stay away, but he kept pulling me close that I screamed on the inside. We kissed then one thing led to another. After that night he's been seeing me a lot but I try to keep it light. I don't know what to do there's still things that haven't been said. How can I address the elephant in the room w/o getting shut down and looked through? How can we have a better relationship?

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  • I say it is obvious that he likes you and you still like him, so why not just mend things? I know you broke up with him, but it isn't the end of the world. You must talk about that problem very soon. If it is something small and insignificant, you should be able to move past it. If not, then you should call it quits without any regrets or doubts. It all depends on the magnitude of that problem, I think. The breaking up part isn't all that important.

    Best of luck. : )

    • I just don't know how to start that conversation without masking emotions on both ends.

  • There's every chance that he's more than a bit upset at having his privacy invaded. Whatever he did might have been "more wrong" but the end cannot justify the means. Addressing that would probably help get things started.

    • You're right. I want to trust him. But I'm not the one who has to work on that

    • I mean if you went through his phone without permission, you kind of do. It's not like the fact that you found something makes it ok. He should definitely own up to whatever it is you found, but you have an apology to make as well.

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