Ex's sis is stealing from me.

Okay a while back I posted saying how my ex's sis was my sons babysitter. Well she had stolen a court document that I was using to take him back to court.

then a usb flash drive went missing. it has severely important court info on it. and personal photos on it. I tried to tell her parents and they just wrote me off and rolled their eyes. I then went to her and confronted her about it. I told her I did not trust her and said I thought she was stealing from me. and she gave me this story about how she isn't and I knew she was lying. I searched through everything and could not find it and used it the same day and put in on my desk, where my sons dvds are. she had taken 3 DVDs out the same day that it was taken and when it was on the desk.

I don't know what to do. I'm so embarrassed about the photos, and I can't keep need that disk back.

i told her I would call the police if it was her and she said she understood.please help.


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  • You probably shouldnt have had her in the house alone, might as well call the cops.

  • report her to the cops


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