Guys, Was he just hoping we would reconcile?

I saw my ex (I broke things off a year ago) and he gave me the longest bear hug saying he missed me/breathed me in. He was super nice to me, made dinner for us, very attentive/fussing over me. He was very flirty and grabby, then later he was kinda somber and declined my offer to cuddle. He just found out I'm moving away very soon, so you think he is just sad or upset? You think he was hoping we would reconcile in the future?


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  • why did you break up?

    • @Sabretooth I felt he was too comfortable in his "rut" with me in his life. I want him to be happy and love himself and he can't find that with me always there. He needed motivation to get his life on track and I was just hindering that. He does seem a bit more motivated now, so hopefully I made the right decision :/

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    • fair enough. but maybe you could be his reason.

    • Maybe... but I know he's not ready to give it another shot yet. I mean if at the very least I can serve as his motivation to him finding happiness, then so be it.

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  • I think he was hoping you would reconcile

    • @RedRobin You think he may still have that hope even though I'm leaving?

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    • Thanks for MHO

    • welcome :)

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  • i think he was sad and also hoping to fix things later on. can you help with my situation?

    My ex and I dated for 2.5 years. He said I was the love of his life, we were meant to be together, we would end up together, he would never find anyone like me, he would always love me, etc. then, he cheated on me and dumped me. this was nine months ago. we stayed in contact on and off since the break up and hung out on various occasions. about 3 weeks ago he tells me he has no feelings left and doesn't want to keep seeing each other or be a part of each others lives. he's really into partying and being single. do you think if I go NC for four months, then see him and do my best to appear happy, strong, and look good, that there is a chance he will miss me or regret leaving me?

    • I'm sorry your ex did that to you :( He cheated... why? with whom? did he start dating this girl or he just wanted to stray? Hung out as in hooked up?

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