My ex and I dated for 2.5 years. He said I was the love of his life, we were meant to be together, we would end up together, he would never find anyone like me, he would always love me, etc. then, he cheated on me and dumped me. this was nine months ago. we stayed in contact on and off since the break up and hung out on various occasions. about 3 weeks ago he tells me he has no feelings left and doesn't want to keep seeing each other or be a part of each others lives. he's really into partying and being single. do you think if I go NC for four months, then see him and do my best to appear happy, strong, and look good, that there is a chance he will miss me or regret leaving me?
  • Yes! Totally possible.
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  • No! He said he doesn't have feelings and told you to move on.
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  • It's pretty pathetic you want him so badly. You look desperate. Where is your self esteem? This was painful to read. He doesn't want you and he's just playing games. Let this guy go... you trying to get him back will only end up in more disappointment. He was cheating on you for crying out loud, grow a backbone and f*ck a guy 20x better looking. You'll feel better about yourself. Stop contacting him and be strong about it.

    • thanks for your honesty... but you don't think after some time apart he will regret leaving me?

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    • You are not living in reality, it's a fantasy. People change and you've got to learn to make better choices for yourself. He is no longer the person you thought he was.

    • so what can i do now?

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