Dunno If I moved on or not, is it me the problem?

When I moved to egypt, I was socially awkward and had no friends for about 3 months until I met a girl that helped me with that, I became more sociable with her help and we liked each other a lot , one year after the confronted me and said I love you, so we became lovers and it was great (In egypt we don't get involved physically with opposite sex so no kissing, holding hands etc..) we stayed like that for 6 months but then a mutual friend in our group started talking to her when I was mad at her, at first I was ok because she is a famous girl and all but then she slowly started ignoring me and kept talking and going out with this guy, I got jealous and told her about it and she said it's nothing we're just friends, I stopped going out with this group of friends because I hated seeing them laughing and having fun while ignoring me.
I haven't heard from her much since I stopped going out although she has my number and facebook account. she always made up stuff not to go out with me although the went out a lot in the mean time
so I decided to confront her, told her how I feel and I don't like that to happen and that she is a liar for saying he is just a friend. then she texted me "ok" and blocked me
the day after she texted me saying that she was sorry and that she needs me etc..
I told her that we fought for a lot of times but this one is the worst and we'll never be the same again, she said she will try to be a better person with me and the conversation ended, since then we are just friends on facebook and we don't talk to each other but she kept talking to the other guy and going out with him which broke me, now four months later i'm 90% recovered but still whenever I see them both I get jealous and mad..
So did I do the right thing? and how do I fully recover from that?
ps: after we broke up I had lots of female friends but I haven't tried to get involved in a relationship, will that help me recover?

Thanks !


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  • She's clearly moved on. I think you did the right thing by moving on too.


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