Girls, does this means that my ex is into me? loves me still? or is just horny?

My ex dumped me 5 months ago because she moved away, now that she sees a possibility of us seeing each other she has been giving me hints about hooking up, even asked me if I would have sex with her without been in a relationship with her, but afterwards telling me that there are things she would like to tell me in person.

Seems like she is confused, and only misses my D instead of me, which isn't enough for me because I still love her but i'd smash anyways lol...

One of the other reasons she broke up with me was because she claims she is not in love with me anymore, she didn't feel that spark anymore because we faught a lot, but ever since she broke up with me hasn't stopped hitting me up and been annoying and jealous and all that, so she is emotionally immature.

Anyways, what do you think is going on?


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  • she obv wants friend with benefits. IF you have feelings for her now-that's the worst thing you can do to get into a friends with benefits relationship because she will never return those same feelings. It'll be a one way street.

  • Probably just horny


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