Putting you first, before friends, was it the right thing to do?

Hey guys. I've got a question. I've been seeing this guy for a bit and recently, things have shifted. We were in a great relationship, but after this one night, it seems like...he's bailed on me and has failed to return calls or texts.

What happened during this night was that I invited him out clubbing with a couple of my friends. He was so stoked to go and party, but he was also a little under the weather. None-the-less, we both went. Turned out the club was a dud, but we had fun making fun of the people dancing alone while we waited for my friends to show up. Just as the club was getting a little bit better, and while my friends were in the building, he asks me, "Would you be mad if I left?" It turned out he began feeling sick after he had a free energy drink. I told him that it would be okay if we left, but he was reluctant because he didn't want me to leave my friends. I told him that I couldn't just let him go home by himself, that I wanted to spend time with him and that my friends won't be mad and that they bail on me all the time (it's true! but it's all cool). We took a cab home and he promised me a quiet date the next night.

But I have yet to hear from him. Did I scare him off because I put him first, before my girls? I didn't think about it till now (it's been almost week). I did it out of good natureā€“I just couldn't let him go home by himself while in that condition. Also, I was a little tired since I had been in that building for three hours, two hours of doing nothing. I did mention to him that he was partially giving me a way out. I thought I did the right thing. Turns out it threw him off. Any thoughts on this? Do guys get scared when they see this kind of behavior? Did I come off too...clingy?



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  • Yes, they do tend to become uneasy when a girl does this.. I understand your concern but the truth of the matter is he had asked you if you would be mad if HE left, which to me said he was expecting to go alone.. I've never put a guy before my girls, even when I was married, because not all elationships last forever, I am now since divorced, one of my friends has stuck by me the whole time, the other dumped us for a guy, completely she went to wanting to hanging out to nt even calling, this guy is a liar and a cheat, but she doesn't care about us obviously because if she did she wouldn't think about dumping us, so yea ur girls if they are true and care for you should never come after no guy


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