Why all my relationship ended in break ups? heart aches? :(

We usually started that they love me more than I love them. I don't know what's the real problem with me. I just want my relationship last forever hopes somebody can explain to me what's happening. But I'm sure, I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm just showing,letting them feel confident that I love them so much.


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  • well hun it seems like they really don't honestly care the reason for you not having a successful relationship is because none of the douche bags deserve you you deserve a lot better than that you need someone who's gonna be there for you and protect you and gonna stand by you through thick and through thin that right guy will come along I know he will just hang in there hun

    • Ayt^^ thanks for your answer. well, maybe I just didn't meet the right guy who will fit my personality. thanks again. I really appreciate your answer.

  • Look for someone who is right for you.

    • Uff. .yah, that's what I'm doing now. . .i'm just enjoying my life. Soon I'll find the right guy for me. thanks for your answer.^^

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