I need help I feel physically sick?

Its about my ex who broke my heart !!! Its so complicated between us , I can't get over him he is everywhere I can't imagine my life without him... And the idea or being sure that he will be back to me ruins everything every relationship i mean i'm not the kind of girls that cry a lot or dramatise everything I laugh i make new objectives but i'm not happy i'm half alive..


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  • I understand, break ups and emotional situations can be horrible.
    The only thing I can say is:
    1. Cut off all ties to him, block him on all social media and try to not check up on him. It only makes it worse.
    2. Realize that it's over and will eventually be better off. You will be.
    3. Stop glorifying the good things about him, and remember the bad things about him also.
    4. Don't try to get into a relationship right off the bat thinking it'll help, it won't and you might end up hurting someone that doesn't need to be hurt.
    Because it does. If you believe in God (which I do), believe that he took you from the wrong path, and set you on a better one. It might not seem it right now, I got my heart broken about a year ago and it still hurts, but not nearly as much as back then. If you don't believe in God or anything, just believe the universe has a plan for you. We all have a purpose here, and sometimes the people we love can't go with us. So things like this happen and it seems horrible, but it does get better. I understand the physical sickness part, it can do that to you. I remember the girl who broke my heart called me a couple months ago, and it literally made me have more anxiety than I already have (I have anxiety already) and literally made me nauseous and I thought I was going to throw up and I didn't know why. It was horrible. Just stay strong tho, you will get over them eventually. It might take a long time, it might not, it just depends on the person.

    That being said, I hope it doesn't beat you up too bad tho, I know it sucks but just stay strong! Good luck! :)


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  • I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with this. You can message me if you need someone to talk to


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  • Well it seems like you are more emotionally unwell then you are physically. But if you aren't taking care of yourself then yes, you will be physically unwell. Things like this happen. They just really do. Mourn if you need to, because it's ok too

  • It will get better trust me just kept or head up and when you find that one guy who you will spend the rest of your life with you will look back at the moment and thing wow who I'm with now is way better and why did I even waste tears on him


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