What does it mean when a guy say he doesn't want to spend to much time together?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me cause his going to be Catholic but his still married. But they wasn't married long. But I'm still waiting on him to get his divorce. But he still wants to have sex with me? He tells me we can't be doing this all the time. He wanted me to spend the night with him. But I couldn't cause I have class in the morning. I told him I could tomorrow night. But he made the comment saying that I don't want us spending a lot time together. So I told him.. then I shouldn't be staying the night here at all. Then he says are you sure?


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  • Sounds like you're getting played into giving him sex

    • Really?

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    • Yes he did.. If I knew he was marry before I got with him.. I would he never messed with him from the start..

    • From what I was told.. which I can't believe it's true tho.. He said they was only married for a month. They did paper work, but it never got turn in.. But I already told him I wasn't going to pay for his divorce..

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  • I wanna help u out but I'm reading and I'm super confused.

    Your ex boyfriend broke up with you because he's Catholic and married?
    And if he broke up with you, why are u waiting on him to get a divorce? Especially if he keeps making the comment that he doesn't want to spend too much time with you? He just sounds very sneaky. I don't trust him and neither should you.
    In my opinion he's using u for sex. He calls u when he wants it then says we can't do this all the time. Well, if he knows that, why does he keep calling u. Move on girl. U can do better!!!

    • Well I did catch on on a dating site once. And he got mad cause I made him delete it and he made the comment your making me look like a fool and a lair? Plus he promise to marry me and he was doing that..

    • Why do u want him? He sounds like he's no good!! The guy is married, you're waiting for him to get a divorce, he's secretly dating you, then u catch him in a dating site. And again, all of this happening and this is the guy u want to be married to? You're asking for a lifetime of tears and misery if you stick with him. Move on. Yes, it's going to hurt but you'll get over it. Not like if u marry him and be happy and hour out the day because the rest of the time you'll be stressing about what the heck he's doing. MOVE ON!!!

    • Yes I know, it's hard but I know I have to do it. The hard part is.. he has a son I knew him since he was 6 years old.. I love him a lot..

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