How does this break-up letter sound? Please read it in the details?

What do you think it takes in order to keep a relationship alive? I think it takes effort and making an initiative. I feel like you haven’t been putting much initiative into our relationship lately. We’ve been going through a few rough spots recently. There have been many times when I thought you were going to break off the relationship based on things you said and did. I’ve told you that I was hurt but you keep doing and saying similar things. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end and I shouldn’t expect it to. I get that you are not going to change.

Sometimes just saying you are sorry isn’t enough. I need to be shown that I’m loved. And for me that is with effort. Last week you said some very hurtful things. I was very close to breaking up with you. In fact, I’ve been very close several times before when similar instances took place. I really don’t expect much from you out of the relationship. Most women expect a lot more. I think I deserve better treatment and it would have been nice for you to do some sort of gesture yesterday since it was Valentine’s Day, and especially because of what recently happened last week. You tell me you hate me last week, allude to breaking up, and do nothing for Valentine’s Day. What am I supposed to think? I don’t think I should need to ask you to do things like that for me. You are showing me how you feel.

I partly blame myself for this. I’m selling myself short. I feel like doing things like switching off paying for things, being readily available, and making the long drive to see you usually twice a week has contributed to you taking me for granted. I feel like you want things to be convenient and easy for you – I didn’t step in.

I understand you are busy but I don’t think it’s an excuse. It seems like you are just not able to be in a relationship right now. I’m very


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  • Like the other guy said, it's better if you start it with "We've been going through a few rough spots recently." Also, I wouldn't put much weight on Valentine's Day: maybe skip the "it would have been nice for you to do some sort of gesture yesterday since it was Valentine's day, and especially because of what recently happened last week." You already mentioned Valentine's day after that; I think insisting too much on the subject will make him think that that would've done it, and it seems that you're actually going through much worse stuff than not receiving gifts.

    • Thanks for your help. I'm going to take out all of the parts about Valentines Day. Yes, there are a lot of issues... but really he had an opportunity to redeem himself especially after last week and he chose not to. I really may have stayed to work on the relationship if he would have done something for Valentines Day. I'm going to see him today so I'm just tweaking it. He texted me and said he can't wait to see me later. Probably just means "I can't wait to fuck you later".

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    • Thank you very much for your help.

    • You're welcome

  • Or just cut off contact without saying or writing a word to him. Its that simple...

  • Skip the first few sentences and start with the "we've been..." and the rest is fine.


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