Guys, what do you think? What would you do in this situation?

you're 15 and you meet a girl who you fall in love with and date for two and a half years.

she is sweet, nice, caring, pretty and your family loves her. she always does special things for you, cares for you, plans fun things, you take her to family events, your parents reffer to her as the "little wife", you tell her you will never find anyone like her and you are meant to be together and that she is the love of your life. You talk about marriage and you can definitley see a future with her.

however, since you are young, you cheat on her and decide you aren't ready to settle down so you dump her so you can party and not worry about her. you tell her you have no feelings for her.

assuming she will want to get back together... in the future, after you leave your party days behind, are you likely to go back to her, or find someone else like her?
  • find someone new because girls like that are easy to come across.
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  • find someone new because I wouldn't want to get back with her.
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  • Go back to her because its hard to find someone who cares about you that way.
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  • First I wouldn't have done that and second you shouldn't take the asshole back because there's plenty of guys that wouldn't have done that

  • Lol that's actually what I told one chick but we didn't dated for two years ha and I mean I pro

    • *probably won't marry her lol besides it make sense, Why would I want to fuck one when I can fuck more if "love" isn't in there

    • what?

    • I won't go back to her

  • I would not cheat on her.


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