Why does she keep adding me on social media?

So me and my ex broke up last summer we both went to different colleges. After 3 months or so I felt I needed to move on and stop thinking about her so I removed her from all social media. After about 3 days she followed me on instagram again. Then I blocked her from instagram cause I didn't really want her looking at my stuff. Then she added me again on snapchat and I blocked her there too. Then 3 months later she added me on facebook. We haven't talked to each other since we moved away from each other. Is there a reason she wants to keep tabs on me? I do miss her but we both thought it wouldn't work out long distance.


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  • It's clear to see she probably has feelings for you.
    I'd your break up did not end harshly there's no need to treat things that way.

    • *If your break up

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    • Cool thanks

    • No problem :)

  • 2 things.

    She wants to get back with you.


    She wants to stalk your life.


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