Does my ex and I still have a chance?

Do we still have a chance?

Long story short... my ex and I broke up back in October. I was sexually assaulted by a guy who I thought was my friend. But overall he just thinks I cheated on him. I was going through a very hard time, and losing him broke me. I never thought I would hit rock bottom.. but I did.

Ever since that happened, I've been seeking help. My ex and I went through battles just arguing back and forth until I decided to walk away from him. We didn't talk for a couple of weeks... until he called me. Then my heart sank once again even if my heart was still in pieces.

My ex and I are still talking. Now it has gotten to the point where I feel we are getting closer than never before. I'm still on guard but I can't help that I'm completely in love with him. We have both made mistakes and for him to not believe me is unbearable. But I've accepted what happened to me and I can only move on from it.

My ex tells me he misses me and that he loves me. Tells me I make him happy and he can't move on. We act like we are together again... especially in front of his friends and family. Even though he told them I cheated on him. But he looks like the fool right? Anyway on Valentine's Day we spent the day together. He bought me flowers and he cooked us a romantic dinner and had candles. I wanted to call him an asshole and ask why he did this and why can't he just have me so we can be together again... instead of wondering

Everytime I try to ask him... I freeze. I don't know what to do. I feel like I should wait to see what happens because both of us have been through so many obstacles together, and after everything we still are coming back to each other.

Am I wasting my time on waiting or should I see what happens. Even if It turns out to be nothing and just a heartbreak again... I know I tried and that's closure for me.


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  • You should be ashamed of yourself for lying about being raped. You're the reason why people don't believe girls when they say they've been raped. REGRET IS NOT RAPE. You're just a cheating ho. He'll use you for tail, but he'll never trust you again.

    • And why do you think I lied about being raped? Who would lie about that? And bring their entire family through that? Why would anyone go through 5 hours of doing the assault kit for fun? It's demeaning to girls.

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