What is her motive?


She get butt hurt about a stupid joke, I sincerely apologize multiple times. She tells me she doesn't know what she is feeling for me, if it's love or not. Days pass by of not talking, we start talking and grab a couple of casual lunches, she almost loses her job. Comes over to my place to sleepover (no sex). I was resistant to do anything that night, even cuddling until she initiated everything. Even the kiss. But I was still passionate and accepted her. Did not push her away.
Everything is fine, until one day after hanging out she sends me a text being sad, I naturally comfort her and tell her it's okay. She proceeds to tell me that she wants to be alone, she doesn't know what she wants, and wants to break off the contact with the whole world. I asked her if this is regarding us also, she said "Basically, yeah". "I don't see this working now".
I did not reply. Just left it there. No need for me to beg and be a doormat anymore. I was always true with my emotions towards her. She did not say anything after.
She started liking my IG pictures and Facebook stuff. I was cold and did not do anything. She commented on my picture in a group that we are both part of, I replied politely. Then I liked one of her "emo" pictures. That's it. I did not initiate any contact.
I want to get back with her, but she has to prove her true colors. From what she did when she said she wants to go MIA, she was hanging out with a bunch of her male friends and stuff, posting pictures of her outdoor activities with a kid who is into same stuff as we are, but he is 17 and she is 19. I am 22. So this has showed me that she is a liar and just attention ***** pretty much. Seems like she is bipolar to me honestly.

Week ago I get a text from her saying "I have a present for you"
I made a mistake by replying next day asking what it is, she didn't clarify. I told her I will bring her stuff when we meet. That never happened since I got pissed off one day after finding something out (true or not, it pissed me off) and dropped off her stuff at her place and left. Couple of days later she started sending me means texts, insulting me, etc. Still hasn't returned the item I asked for back.
Now she is posting all this relationship crap on FB how you gotta let people go, playing the victim.


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  • What is her motive? Craziness and hormones.

    As hard as it is, don't try to overthink understanding her. It'll drive you insane. Happens to the best of us.

    She's going through a lot, in her mind at least, and she just isn't quite mature enough to handle it or even know how to handle it. You either have to roll w/ it or still try to make a difference. just be ready for the possibility of not getting her back.

    • It would suck to lose her, but that's the way life works. I am currently not responding to her at all. Giving her space and time. Not gonna be some damn emotional tampon. Last time she pulled some crap like that, her BFF got jealous and manipulated her. She came back crying 2 weeks later. I braced myself for this and already got kinda used to it.

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    • Yeah, I sometimes think maybe mine met someone else, too. But I sometimes think that's just me being paranoid. I've told her multiple times to just tell me if she isn't interested but she refuses to, just dances around it. Plus assuming her PTSD is true, I probably just made it worse for her. Even when we were dating, she said she just doesn't like men anymore...

      But yeah, that's good. Sounds like you got things in order. Pretty good for 22!

    • Yeah, that's what I think too, I wouldn't be surprised if she did. Just the way I let everything slide, I realize the mistakes I did that would bite me in the ass at the end.

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  • It's not that hard to read woman language
    1) Yes= omg omg i was totally hoping that you'd ask me someday
    2) No= DUDE NO!
    3) I don't know= get back to the friendzone you tried to crawl out from just now

    • We dated for 6 months... She wanted to be friend after a break up once we had a fight, I told her flat out no lol

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    • That's superb. Her motive is to keep you around while she searches for better options. Bitch.

    • I kinda understood that too. I did too much for her and was too lenient. Yeah, no more of this crap lol.

  • She sounds like a dumb white bitch. I'd steer clear.


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