Do you think there is hope for us getting back together?

We were together 4 years, and I broke things off a years ago. So the other day I met up with my ex to take care of something, but cost him $200 even though was my fault, but he insisted on paying. Then he invited me back to his place to hang out. I obliged, as I still needed to pick up something from his place anyways. So when I got there he gave me a verrrry long bear hug while saying he missed me (it was pretty emotional) and he made dinner and we just hung out like old times. He was a bit playfully frisky with me but not beyond that. So anyways he walked me to my car the next day, another hug and said "I'm sure we'll see each other again." Which kinda surprised me because we would never run into eachother. I text him hours later saying thanks again for helping and the cash, and I would send a check. He replied with "There's no need to be sorry. It was good to see you/hang out with you. If you send a check I won't cash it "

Thing is he knows I'm moving far away in like a week, so I dunno if this was just him releasing pent up emotions of being broken up a year, or he hopes to reconcile in the future? His actions and words kinda confused me, lol. Plus, when he texts me he usualy says he's been thinking about me.


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  • It sounds like he wants to get back together. Sounds like you guys have had a lot of time apart, dust has settled, and it might be good to start again if both sides are willing to. Past must be left in the past.

    • Yes, but I'm moving so it would be a LDR :/

    • That would be hard. I do not really believe in LDRs. It is up to you if you would be willing to stay or move back in the future. Just do not move back just because of him, because if it does not work out, you are the one who will get screwed.

    • No, I don't want a LDR, or him to be tied into one... I'm just going to let the chips fall where they may and hope for the best.

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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't make up and that it's Goodbye-bye, my love forever, @rocyurworld. And with an EX who still Marks an X in his own heart and mind, there might come a time down this fine line When... It was good to see you/hang out with you.
    You both Have Now broke the Nice ice and this is healthy where you have this little understanding to Leave the past in the past. I am proud of you for not Falling More into this "Hug," and kept it Clean with what I know you Know what I Mean.
    Just because you are going away here, dear, doesn't mean you Both can't keep in touch with text. Go slow for now, don't wear your heart on your sleeve as you leave, and with 'Together 4 years' and some His and her History, this just could be a Better Start than Before And... More in Store.
    I am sure with the certain signs I am seeing, that he is Now... Thinking this was a Good price that I paid in the End... He's thinking about Me... And has never stopped.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for your advice @Paris 13, but what do you mean on the last sentence?

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    • Thank u for your insightful wisdom :)

    • And thank you so much, @rocyurworld for Completing a Great night. xx

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