Talked to my ex today on okcupid?

I got back on okcupid today. It has been 3 months since we broke up. As soon as I logged on her profile was the first match. After some debating I messaged her and asked her to block me because I was afraid I might un-hide her at some point when I was drunk and message her. She responded back pleasantly to my surprise. She asked if I was worried I might do that and I said yes I was. We exchanged pleasantries. She told me about her son and his sports and she apologized twice for us not working out. I told her both times don't worry about it. I told her something had been bugging me since last we spoke. Why did she want to be friends? She isn't friends with her other exes. She said she had a lot of fun with me and I was/are different. I didn't treat her like shit. She said she thinks she hurt me too much for that to happen anytime soon though. I told her don't worry about it, I'm seeing a therapist because she f***** me up pretty good. I told her I have never had to navigate something like this and the therapist is helping. Her last message was "she didn't mean to "f***me up pretty good" and that she feels terrible now. I told her not to feel bad that it's in the past. She deleted her profile about 20 minutes after our conversation. Why would she delete her profile? Do you think she still has feelings for me. She is 34, I am 31. Thanks!


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  • When someone on one of those sites blocks you... it looks like they deleted their profile on your end. She was just doing what you asked her to do.