What's my ex's problem?

Why did my ex give me his new number? He comes over unexpectedly, and I told him one time to not be coming over unannounced. I told him to text or call me and let me know. He told me that he didn't know my number anymore, so I just left it and didn't give it to him. Yesterday he came over again and that's when he gave me his new number but I just trashed it. Then he took out his phone and said, is your number still the same, he even said my number to me. That's when I got confused, I thought he forgot my number but he still has it? Was he just showing up unexpectedly on purpose? And if so why?


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  • It's called stalking when someone keeps showing up totally unwanted and trying to get something from you. If you really do not want this then stop opening the door or responding to him at all. If he still does not get the hint then he could be dangerous.


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