Why is my ex doing is to me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me and but we are still sleeping with each other.. But he keeps leading me on saying we get back together. But I found out his been on a dating site.. I told him it was over and he was done playing me. But he telling me that his deleted it and his not talking to no more. But he got mad and made a comment and he said ALL IM DOIN IS FINDING SOMEONE NORMAL. WITH OPPERTUNITY, SOMEONE WITH NORMAL ATTIDUDE.. I told him you just told on yourself and he turned his head to the right and smiled and I told him your not very bright.. What's going on here?


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  • He's obviously using you for your body... having sex with his ex by saying you'll get back together. You see it?

    • Yea I see it. Thanks for helping me out

What Girls Said 1

  • Why are you giving this dude your time, let alone your body? Just stop talking to him. If he's gonna use you to sleep with you and tell you straight up that he's finding someone else, then you need to find someone else. Do you want to play his games forever? Do you want to be this confused?

    He's using you and leading you on. You need to let him go.

    • Yea your right.. I deserve better :)

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