I don't understand my ex boyfriend at all?

We broke up 5 months ago on sort of mutual terms but I was more hurt about it and I really wanted to try and make things work. He didn't.
So we broke up and have not spoken since the breakup.
All of my friends tell me he acts like a manwhore now. I didn't believe them until I witnessed it on valentines day he was touching all over other girls and acting like a concieted perv. He did not used to act like that when we were together he was sweet, and shy and a bit awkward. Now he just is acting like he is all that.
I texted him asking if we can just leave the past behind and at least try and be friends and if not friends if he can at least not hold and grudges cause we didn't have an extremely bad breakup I didn't see why he was always ignoring my text messages and pretending I don't exist.
He did not reply. I honestly don't get why he's acting so different and mad he's the one that wanted to break up, if he wanted to be friends or maybe have a chance of getting back together he had it but he's not taking it. He just chooses to stay bitter torwards me.. when I didn't do anything bad I was just extremely hurt by our breakup.


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  • Do not try to be friends. Just let him go. Do not worry about what he is doing. Your relationship is over with him, forget him. What he does is none of your business. You do not need to be friends with him. You have enough other friends. Focus on your true friends and try to find another guy.

    • I know honestly I've tried but it sucks because he was the first guy I truly loved. Every other guy I dated I'm fine without now but its almost like I feel incomplete.

    • When the right comes along, no one else will matter! Have faith!

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  • This is nothing to do with you. Those are his issues that he isn't dealing with that are causing him to do a complete 180 in personality.
    I think that you've given him plenty of chances to try and be friends with you. You need to start accepting that he won't change for you.
    Are you completely over him?

    • I'm not completely

    • I know its difficult but i think that you need to start facing the idea that he may not come back. He might change in the future, but its more likely that he won't unless he decides to himself. Do the things that make you happy, become the best version of yourself. Love life. Try your best to get over him. And don't contact him or stalk him on social media. Do your best to completely cut him out, and anytime you think of him, make sure you remind yourself of what he's become now. Contact your friends, get them to support you. Do you really want to be with a guy like that? Would he be faithful? Give him space and move on with your life x

    • Yeah I know, I guess I'm just hoping one day he will miss having a girl that really cared about him, he will realize that I was not bullshitting when I said I loved him and he will think back and want me back. But I guess that's pretty rare.

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  • It is time to let go... he sounds like he has become a sex hungry douche, you just getting a taste of what guys can be like.

    If anything feel good about getting rid of him so you can find a decent guy that will treat you properly.

  • How long were you together? Were you two having sex much?

    • a year and a couple of months and not that much cause we didn't live together maybe once or twice a week

    • He's just a lot older and more confident now. He's single, so he -can- act like a manwhore, and he is and enjoying it.

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