How did you get through your break up?

Blocking any or all contact methods? Did your ex ever regret their decision and did they come back? How did you handle any challenges you faced? Please share your story. Thanks :)


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  • Yeah I did do all the blocking thing and I wouldn't take any of them back

    • What if the dumper is sending mixed messages? He has me on his Facebook and won't take down the pics. He's been going through personal stuff and I just feel like he isn't genuine with wanting to break up permanently.

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    • It is a game. Just ignore him

    • Thanks :)

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  • I didn't do the blocking thing. I kept tabs on him, finding out nasty and discussing things about him and what he's doing. That made sure I stopped liking him and never wanting to do anything with him. It's bad keeping tabs, you should just block him and forget about him, but I couldn't. He left me with so many questions, he never gave me a reason and I couldn't handle it, I had to find out, even if that made me a stalker. It could've been easier him just telling me everything, but since he didn't I had to do it my way. And I'm glad I did, I would never get over him other way, :D

    • Lol That sounds like me. I guess it's the manner in how he chose to break it off, putting it all on me and not taking any responsibility. I can't let that go because I just don't get his twisted way of thinking.

  • I blocked him after a few weeks. I left due to feeling loss of interest and being taken for granted (yes I did discuss my feelings w/him). He def regretted it, but I think that was more of an ego thing. The last time we talked was a few days after the break up, the phone call consisted of fake heart spilling and him repeating the same exact words as I told him when he egged me on to leave. Other then a few random fb messages and texts, he hasn't tried anything. I am def done w/him and I haven't answered any of these random messages.


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