What does it mean when a guy says u don't do enough for him but won't tell u what he wants done?


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  • It means he's an asshole. Lol. Sorry that's not that funny - If you don't know the only way to figure it out is to try to get him to tell you even if he thinks you should already know - unless you do know.

    • He is an asshole but I can't ask him now he broke up with me but mentioned it twice the first time he said I never concern myself with his life... So I did it and he still said I don't do anything for him and said I can't fix it

    • Some people just have impossible expectations in a relationship - You can't give anyone more than your best effort. If thats not enough for someone else then it's better that you're not together. The specifics of what fell apart in the relationship will be clearer to you as you grieve for the loss of the relationship

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  • Probably lacking in some area you should know already

    • Yeah but if I'm willing to do it why not just tell me?

    • Your right, he should be more direct, just as he would expect you to be. Just tell him that

  • Who has the higher sex drive?

    Who is more of a neat freak?

    What kinds of things does he do for you?

    • We are equal on the sex... I'm more neater but not a clean freak and the only thing he does it mostly pay when we go out to eat

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