Should I ask him if he's cheating? I don't want to seem crazy.

We were long distance for about a year, and now that he's come back home he is taking a business trip to his old city because he has some conferences to go to for his company (I know for a fact that this part is true). I have a tendency to be very paranoid but I am worried that he actually has another relationship in this other city. He just arrived there several hours ago and although he called me when he got in, and once later, he seems rushed and hard to get a hold of. I know he has a lot to do while he's there, so it could just be that, but I don't want to be taken for a fool if something else is going on. What do I do?


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  • Don't accuse but ask questions, to satisfy your is only fair a long distance relationship is hard since with all the other relationship issues you also have to deal with the fact that it's long distance too. With that in mind I cannot see it as being unfair , don't take any unnecessary burdens on your shoulder that a few tactful questions could help.


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  • My advice, don't create unnecessary drama when you have no proof other than him "being hard to get ahold of"

    He's obviously busy with work, don't read into it too much. I have a bad habit of doing that myself.

    He's still keeping in contact with you. When he stops that, or acts significantly less affectionate, then you can worry.

  • Next time he goes on a business trip to his old city tell him you want to accompany him, see what will be his reaction. If he has no problem with you going with him then things are ok, but if comes up with a lot of excuses then something is wrong.


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