My ex ran into some co-workers who asked her this?

So my ex (as of 1 month now) who is also a pilot like me sat in the cockpit (as a result of no seats in the back of the plane) on her flight back to our base from visiting her family.. my friends knew who she was as I'd showed them her picture sometime ago... they asked her who she knew at my airline, and she responded with just one name, a guy I introduced her to and who is my good friend.. no mention of my name or even to say "I dated a guy here, but I don't want to say his name"..

why would she do that? because she was stuck with these guy for 6 hours and didn't want to talk about me maybe? is it that bad? She was the one who dumped me and we parted on more or less good terms.. "lets be friends" but then never talked..

I know if someone asked me I'd tell them, and just say... yeah, she's my ex...

should I read anything into that?

And yes I know... why do I care? right? it's because I still love her!


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  • My guess is she didn't want to be in a position where she might have been asked questions about you...
    she probably felt whatever she said would get back to you so best to say nothing at all.

    • thank you, I felt the same way... I guess she wants distance and space from me after dumping me... oddly she's behaving more like the dumpee, with this and blocking me on social media... I'm ok with us remaining platonic friends but she must have something else in her mind.

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