What shoud I tell her after a break up?

Hi guys, recently I had a break up with my girlfriend which we're being together for more than 4 years.

Since a month and half I haven't seen and talk to her. I'm planning to visit her tommorow and tell her, that she can't blame only ME for being pregnant, I believe it's not only my fault, and I'm going to tell this to her, and tell that I accept her decision to break up with me, and I'm afraid I'd tell her that I love her...

I still have feelings and I'm tormenting myself every single day, I do really want her back, but I don't know what to do... I will tell her how I feel after all this time and see her reaction.

Will met her after work, if she denied to talk to me and push me away I'm thinking is it good idea to tell her :

"Don't worry you won't hear or see me anymore in your life, hope to find the man of your dreams"

Any advice appreciated!

Thanks in advance


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  • Dude, not telling her how you feel is only going to make things worse. Avoid talking to her for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, ask yourself how you feel. If you love her, great, tell her. If not, cool, wish her best of luck and move on.

    I broke up with my ex because I became pregnant and he didn't want to be a dad. I can tell you that women, no matter what age they are or where they're at in life become crazy, emotional psychos, due to the hormones and changes in life. So, cut her some slack.

    • She had the abortion last year in February, and before New Year's Eve she told me, I'm not happy, I stopped loving you with time, I want to have nice body, should you stop me find my own happiness? I said I won't stop you, just is strange to lie someone that you love him and eventually you just stop...
      I'm really broken into pieces and I believe she will regret one day...
      Perhaps it's emotional yes, once she find out that she is pregnat she said :
      I won't destroy my life, I'm young at 23, I'll go trought abortion I was not able to commit her for something else. After couple days we went to the clinique where she had the abortion...
      After the operation gone succesfully she told me that she was pregnant with twins...
      I felt really really bad... At the end of the year our relationship was ended by her.
      So I still haven't seen her since New Year's Eve and I'm missing her so much and love also, but she doesn't care she want to find the perfect boy with big muscles not simple like me

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    • Yes, but I'm feeling free I'm feeling dependent on her and can't continue my life normally...
      Perhaps I need some psychologist or something, I'm mad how she will leave me just like that, my mind is not able to accept that really, it's fuckin stupid idea, she started going to clubs often and drinking, I'm trying to find out what she want to reach.. I belive she have a heart of stone... I'd also like if I can type to you on PM since, I really need help...

    • You should see a therapist if you feel that you can't continue your life normally. But you can also private message me if you want. Just remember that I can't substitute for a lisenced professional, and that if you start to become suicidal, have self-harming thoughts or become so depressed that you can't do your regular routine, you need to call a psychologist.

      Currently, I think you're just hurt and feel abandoned. So I recommend rediscovering yourself. Try to find a hobby that you like, and talk to your friends more often. The truth is that you don't need to say anything to her after a breakup, unless if you want to work things out. But for now, say nothing to her and work on you, because I think that anything you say to her now will go in one ear, and come out the other. Good luck.

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  • Is it your baby? If it is tell her how you feel and show her how much you love her.

    • I forgot to add she was pregnant with twins and decide to have an abortion, because she was not going to ruin her life because of me? I already show how much I love her but... I don't know.
      Maybe the abortion was one of the things which lead her to broke up with me.

    • Dang that sucks sam

  • So is it your baby? And what caused your breakup?

    • She had an abortion, and her sister started complaining that she must leave me, and other girls were telling her, there are better boys things like that, eventually she told me she want to find happiness in her life and to have nice and amazing body, in my mind I'm treating this like she want to become a slut or a girl which will be able to have more than 1 boy in her life...
      I even can't assume how she told me I stopped loving you with time, some of her words hurt really much and sometimes, I'm thinking bad things about her and hate her, in different times I'm saying how much I want and miss her...

    • I think she didn't love you anymore and you should try to move on... there is no point in fighting for someone who doesn't love you...

      Remind her or of your life immediately... The more she stays the more it will hurt you

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