My ex went to the place we used to go together which is round the corner from my house. Is it a stupid mistake/ he didn't think or does he miss Me?

I introduced him to the place and he did love it in there. It's the place he met my mum. I took him for his birthday..
Also it was Valentine's Day he went in there with his 3 friends so feel very hurt
is he that cold?
Or is he attentionseeking

Valentines Day

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  • How do you know he went there?

    I think you're over-analyzing. Most likely his friends wanted to go there and he didn't want to say "no cuz that's where I met her mom and stuff."

    • His best friend posted a photo of them out. I got upset because the break up is raw and he went out on V day sends a big "I am single" flag
      Then when I went to show my boyfriend today the caption on the photo had been changed to say where they had gone which was strange in itself!

    • Not boyfriend 😂 Best friend

    • Ah. Well it's none of your business, really, since you broke up. I'd block him from my FB so I wouldn't see any of that stuff.

Valentines Day