Does he still have feelings for me?

So me and my ex broke up 6 months ago. I had not seen him until valentines day because we both volunteered at a haunted house that we both met at.
The manager put me in the room that my ex was stage managing meaning I would have to see him all night which I did not want to do. I did not want to see him nor be near him.
There was a lot of fog in the room that i was in and he came up to me and asked if i was ok and I said yeah.
My friend kayla who was stage managing another room asked if she can take me from his room and put me in hers to keep it from being awkward between me and him and because she was running low on actors. Instead of giving kayla me, he gave her some other girl in kept me in his room.
Later that night he posted a picture on facebook saying "When you start catching feelings for someone.." then it had a red stop sign on it..
I was trying to see if that had any connection to me... and if there is a chance he might still have feelings.
Also everyone has told me that ever since we broke up he has become a concieted manwhore and was touching all over other girls in front of me and acting like he was all that...

Valentines Day

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  • If he really had feelings he would text u or call u

Valentines Day