My ex won't communicate with me?

Since Christmas. My ex found out i was going on a date. And now won't talk to me regarding the kids. Which is really annoying coz we have to talk through our eldest child (13) which i also think should not happen. Its also made him not see them 4 weeks its been now. Please bear in mind he has a girlfriend. So what is his problem?


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  • Well, he sounds like a world class asshole for one. You've got KIDS and he's acting about as mature as a 13 year old (ironically the same age as your kid!).
    I have to wonder if the kids aren't better off without such an immature example as a father.

    • I have thought this myself. I suffer with anxiety i can talk all the down about him never letting him see them. But then it plays on my mind and i start questioning and hating myself

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