Am I supposed to miss her guys?

Me & her have been done since January of 2013 we had our on and off thing. If id pursued her id still have her but I wanted to her to choose me and want to be with me. She ended up with someone who'd text her phone while we were going out. She left me for no reason at all leaving me heartbroken ๐Ÿ’” she calls me every birthday a minute before 12 so no one else can wish me happy birthday. She said she still loves me which breaks my heart more I rather have her say she hates than to say she still loves me you know. She goes liking my posts on social media that are old so I know she's keeping tabs on my life. I don't want it to sound one sided I often like her pics too but not how she does when she gets on my page. I haven't dated other girls but I've gotten to know them , I'm trying to connect with this one girl but she keeps fighting it lol

but yeah I don't think I can get with her again even if I or she wanted too again , I mean don't get me wrong I think she's very beautiful and we connected on a spiritual and emotional level. It's just that I can't get over the pain and she seems flighty with me. I felt as though I was a perfect boyfriend I stuck with her through thick and thin always did right by her other past relationships they treated her like dirt and cheated now that doesn't give me any entitlement to her but I thought it would mean something. Now even after all this time I love the shit outta her like I deep care and love this girl every once in while I dream of her actually for the past two days I have. I miss her dearly and wish she was still mine I don't know why I still miss her every wrong she did to me I always forgave her said it was ok maybe it was because I enabled her but all I know is no matter what girl that comes into my life I know I'll never love them like her maybe they'll love me better than she ever did and I'll put her away in my mind one day but I know that I miss her too death๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข


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  • I don't think I'm the right one who should give you any advice.. But I will tell you my opinion as a woman..
    Every women need a man in her life to feel secure. Some ladies feel this secure and just need to have fun or sex (this is one of the modern life shits it's change our pure nature too some ladies don't want to have kids from a real young age too)..

    But what that woman want in her life did she want to get married and make a family or did she just needs a man for her sexaul needs. Or maybe she search for a man to depend on him for living (most men like this one for her let them feel the control at the end he is the one who be controlled with kids who grow up and a needed woman)..
    And those some of women needs types not all..

    I will ask you again what she wants in her life? Do you really know the women you love or you stuck your mind in media posing thoughts of how women should be and how you manage your love life?
    She is a human being like you not like the other men she is a woman the one who gives you warm in your life if you feel this warm by your heart it will be so difficult to forget her until you feel this warm with another woman and it will take long time especially in our world now..

    Ladies can control their feelings not like men so it will be like a war if you want to change her... Instead of that be the man she wants..

    If you are the man she looking for she will fight to have you and win your heart..

    Remember both of you are a human being at the end no one perfect but try to make your loved one happy..

    I hope that will help you?

    • I mean we were together for like 3 and a half years. She always talked about getting married and having kids with me but then out of nowhere she leaves me tells me she needs a break , she wants to find herself and all this stuff. She was actually going through something at the time reliving something from the past. I wanted her to talk about it because it was so bad she had nightmares and had cold sweats.
      This was the only time I felt excluded from her life not because I wanted to know her secret but because she wouldn't let me in on the secret so I could be of some help. But when I had my pains she'd make me tell and I am not an open person at all. The next thing you know we're really happy I was gonna surprise with going to her favorite restaurant for her bday and she sent me a text saying she loves me very much , no one has cared or took the time to get to know me like I have. And she broke up with me like that , she used her old pain as an excuse & said it wouldn't be fair to you

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    • Let her suffer to make her realize her true feelings about you.. Don't let your emotions control you? She find it easy to put you in reserves chair you make it easy make hard for her..

    • She just text me last night asking how I was and that she was thinking about me. I was happy a little but more sick to my stomach. I kinda feel like she was thinking of all the attention I gave her and she isn't getting it from me anymore. It's not like she actually. missed me but you're right probably the best advice I've been given in that perspective. She left me so I shouldn't stress I just don't understand if she's to be married why still text me though

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  • Everyone reacts differently to situations

  • I think you should give her another chance , you may never care like this again for someone else or you may get back with her and realise you don't want her. You only live once and to care for someone the way you do her means you should give it another go. I know I would , people make mistakes it was a longtime ago now

    • We've broken up and gotten back together before so right now yes I love her& at the same time I don't want her. But when we get into a relationship I won't let her leave. Actually I don't break up with my girls they leave me. Whoever I get with I see them as the 10th wonder in the world like I really love my girlfriends that girls want me to cheat so I can treat them like I do her. Either way right now it feels as if I'll never love another woman like that & I don't know maybe I'm fine with that maybe not but I don't know I can't get with her because she's engaged although her fiance did not respect my relationship. I'll respect theirs cuz I want her to be happy. But she'll contact me once every blue moon checking on me , I don't like that cuz it gets me thinking does she want me. My first thought is don't reply but my heart gets so heavy cuz I miss her I talk to her sometimes I call even.

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