Is it normal to not call your girlfriend baby or beloved for many years?

Hello everyone,
Sorry if my English isn't perfect but I want to ask a question about my ex behavior the behavior that I couldn't understand before.
He told me that he loved me but always called me crazy you r my crazy girl and nothing else at the past. I thought it's hard for guys to told a girl that she is his lovely or sweetheart or baby or my beloved for they think if they spoiled the girl she start to act odd so I was patient with him. Many years past we break up and back at the end of our relationship his family plan to his married from another girl and I didn't know about it he start to act demanded and getting crazy jealous from everyone especially my sister. I can't forget that phone call when he call me for first time my love my beloved I was so happy when I told him " it's the first time you call me that I wait for this moment so long"... He was surprised I think he thought he call me that all the time but that just happened in his mind he never say it before at all..
The irony of the situation here is we break up after a few months And he continued with his family arranged married after a good time he try to get back to me and even ask one of my friends to help but nothing change I will never accept to getting back to him... I spend all those years to search for a real love and forget myself I need to be strong and a pit selfish to take care of myself..

Did I do something wrong? I waited for those words so long I want it to come from his heart as much I being happy as much I hurts.. should I be more demanded next time?

If any one asking how long we was in love. For 7 years and he called me my love at the last year..


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  • He should have called you beloved years ago. I think you should try to find a new love. I hope things get better :)

  • What you're referring to is pet names. Some guys aren't into that or very good at it. The thing to always watch is actions. A person's actions always tell the truth. If he does loving things then that's much more important than words with no actions

    • The action I get is to choose another woman to merry her and ignoring all my feelings.
      he learned me something he learned me to be selfish and search for what is good for me at the first place I give him many chances and a lot of attention but I believe he was just having fun with me may he want to cheat on his wife using me for that..

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    • Then you need to let it and him go. Sorry you can't win them all

    • I let him go and refused to be with him again. I ask if my past behavior with him in waiting is right or wrong.. Please read it all to understand what I'm asking for?

  • yes i like that


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