When should I break the whole 'no contact' thing?

I've been trying to improve myself and date around since me and my boyfriend broke up in December. For about a month and a half after that I texted/called him every single day. I could not get a grip. At first, it kinda made him feel better about himself, like 'I'm so cool, this girl is head over heels for me!' ... he even admitted he got a kick out of my desperation. He toyed me with and f***ed with my head the entire time but there were sincere moments where I knew he still had some feelings for me. Actions speak louder than words though. He is still a lying, manipulative jackass.

It's been exactly 12 days since I last spoke to him. He said we are friends and we could go see a movie but 'he would have to find the time' and then he said he would call me back but never did. So instead of me calling him to see what's up, I just decided to wait. Well... I've been waiting and I miss him. :'( He was the best boyfriend I have ever had.

Currently, he is dating someone. I was originally going to wait to contact him until I got my life a little more together and I was going to get back in touch with him after my birthday (which is in April). I don't want to wait that long but I know I haven't really improved myself yet. I never want to do anything, I'm boring, and I'm too quite... around him. He hates that. I don't know why I am though. I'm fine with anyone else.

Anyways, so should I even bother contacting him, or should I wait it out a while longer and not cave in?

He hasn't contacted me, so obviously he doesn't really care or miss me... Ahhh I'm going crazy :(


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  • A good way of putting this is that you miss the way he WAS with you. He didn't used to be a psycho and now he is. You used to have somebody you could be intimate with and now you don't; he's a reminder of that intimacy you want but now he's an asshole. So drop him like a bad habit.

    Don't get in touch with him unless he gets in touch with you. Move on with your life and find somebody else, if this guy was the "best boyfriend you ever had" trust me when I say you won't have to do much to find a better guy.


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  • Cave in? Your petty egotism is running amok. I think that communication is never a bad thing, even when plates are getting thrown at the wall.


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  • I am in the same place as you at the moment with my ex. I think they do really enjoy the attention they get from us.. so the more we do it, the more they won't think to text you because they know you will contact them first.

    If he has moved on and is with someone else... leave him to it. I think its time that you also move on and find someone that you feel more comfortable around.



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