How to recover from being the crazy ex?

My boyfriend cheated on me and I went psycho him. everything you can think of that the typical ex girlfriend would do, I did. drunk calls and texts, texts begging for him back, creating fake profiles to follow him, sending him messages from fake numbers, logging into his accounts to see what pictures he had liked and to read his messages, crying in front of him, crossing off his face in a picture at a party that many people saw, asking other people about him, etc. I also broke up him and his new girlfriend because I told her I had been sleeping with him for the past three months while they were together, which was true, but I probaby should have minded my own buissness and not said anything. eventually, this lead to being blocked on all social media and on his phone. he deleted every picture of us that was on his social media. he said things to me like "get out of my life, get over me, move on, thats fucked up, im blocking you" etc. I took a few steps back and realized how i acted was completely crazy and I feel humiliated. what do I do? how can I recover from this?
now for the rest of his life he will remember me as the crazy ex...


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  • I would've gotten a restraining order on you if I was him, I don't have patience for that bullshit


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  • You move on, because whats done is done, you can also just send an apology and leave it as that. Yes it was crazy but love makes people do crazy things al you can do is learn your lesson and what not to do in the future if things may end with your future boyfriend x

    • She may have done some "crazy" stuff, but he still cheated. I would nottt write an apology letter. She didn't do anything that needs an apology.

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    • I still don't see anything that she did wrong honestly. Telling the girl that they were sleeping together was the right thing to do. I don't care if people say it's debatable; if you were possibly going to get engaged to someone & had no idea they were cheating on you, you'd want someone to save you a life of lies by telling you the truth.

    • @glitter_unicorns24 I wasn't talking about what she did regarding him and the other girl.

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  • He was being a jerk that's why you went crazy over him, if he had any decency he could have found another way to this relationship, but seriously get over him he is an asshole..

  • He cheated on you. If he has a heart or half a brain, he'll realize that's the possible reaction he's going to get for cheating & lying.


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