Should I move on or wait?

My ex and I broke up because we were in a "very long distance" relationship. We both agreed it didn't make sense anymore... I haven't stopped thinking about him since and when we broke up, he said that we might get back together when I'm back but that we both needed to move on first because we'd be miserable if we waited and it didn't work out... I'm moving back home in 4 months and I feel like waiting for him but I don't want to be miserable if it doesn't work out, but it's also harder knowing that he might be waiting and I don't want to go back and realize that I moved on and he didn't... so should I move on? If yes, how can I do it knowing that he might be waiting?


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  • First you should ask him if you should move on till you get back or if you think he will wate (don't care if I spell a word wrong it goes on atocorect) but if you don't want to ask him then find someone for a little while and if you and that person don't work out before the 4 months tell him it didn't work out and change your phone number so that person does not call a thousand times for you to forgive or to come back to that person.

    • the thing is that after breaking up we already had a conversation in which I said I didn't feel I could move on and he told me it was better for me (and for him) to be able to enjoy the months that we are apart instead of being sad about the fact that we love each other but can't be together... but I talked to one of his best friends (who is also my friend) and she told me that she thought he hadn't moved on and that he was waiting.
      I've already gone on 3 dates with 3 different guys that were really cute and seemed nice but I just didn't "feel like it" and I told them that I was sorry to have led them on but I couldn't stop thinking about my ex... it sucks :-(

  • just try to make-up!

    • but how? because we both "agreed" that it was better to move on and not talk until I'm back so should I just randomly write "hey I'm going to be back in 4 months!" after 3 months without talking? Isn't it weird? What if he moved on already?

    • Yeah oh I mean of u want him that u got put your pride to the side

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