Do two people who were never really anything official have a chance to be something later on in life?

We both had feelings for one another, but never communicated it with each other. I still have feelings for him, not sure how he’s feeling about me. We went on a few dates, but I I think in the beginning he did want a relationship, but I wasn’t for it. The interest for go on dates came from him. But I kept my options open. I would say it was pretty casual, until I developed feelings for him. But we never communicated our feelings for each other. I never told him I liked him, we just continued to hook up casually. but I moved half way across the world for school. And when I was leaving, he ignored me and was really short with me when he saw me.


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  • I really hope so because I have plenty of crushes from my past hahah.. And I know they were feeling it too... But I ain't waiting for anyone

    • Not waiting, Im going o live my life, but maybe one day If I move back, I was wondering if they feel like I do? if theyd go for a second chance

    • Maybe, perhaps, I don't know, not a lot of information.

    • We both had feelings for eachother. Obviously Im gone now for 4 months, but after Ill be back and forth. Ill be coming back once a month or more for work

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  • Yes, if you start communicating your real feelings.

    • I wanted to before I left, I asked him to meet me and talk but he just ignored it...

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    • but thats hard to do when you just keep wondering why

    • Again, read the mytake I posted.
      You're just torturing yourself by wondering why. Why he does this doesn't really matter because the outcome is still the same.

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