How can I get him back?

I'll make it quick me and my ex split up 2 months ago and me and his mate were talking because my ex was being horrible to both of us because he was going through things. One night he was really horrible to me and I couldn't take it and his mate asked me to start seeing him I said no but then said yea and my ex found out and he said it was OK. I still love my ex even tho all the ways he hurt me but now he hardly talks to me. I told his mate I'm not ready to move on. Is there anything I can do to get him back I love him.


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  • i think you should contacting him once letting him know how you feel

    and see what happens the rest should be on him

    • I just told him, he asked me out I didn't answer carried on telling him how I felt then all of a sudden he said he was going I said you just asked me out he said I know but not just yet.


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    • :) when you going to be on?

    • I check my email every night so yeah

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