Who is at fault in this situation?

A couple are getting divorced. They have been unhappy for years, largely because of money troubles.

The husband owned a body shop at one point that went bankrupt. Before opening the body shop, he had a high risk mortgage. His parents lived with the couple rent free because they provided part of the small down payment.

Over their marriage, the wife accrued a lot of credit card debt, particularly when the body shop was doing poorly. She used the credit cards to cover their household expenses while her full paycheck went to their mortgage.

The husband is suing for divorce, claiming that the wife is responsible for their debts.

Who is most to blame in this scenario?
  • The husband is mostly to blame
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  • The wife is mostly to blame
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  • The in-laws are mostly to blame
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  • Everyone is equally to blame
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  • In this situation, everyone's at some sort of fault but it seems like the husband is the root of it all.


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  • I think they're all at fault, but I'm leaning towards the husband.

    His business failed, so he can't pin the blame on everyone else. Because his business failed his wife was forced to pay the whole mortgage herself while relying on credit cards for everything else.

    She maxed out her credit cards - I suspect poor spending habits. When you're in a tight financial situation, you should be more frugal with the type of food you buy and most people, let's face it, have no idea how to buy food in a smart way.

    The in-laws - why have they not contributed at all? Yeah, they may have put the down payment, but surely they saw how much strain was put on the household? Were they completely blind to what was happening inside the home?

    They are married, so all their debts and expenses are joint, no? Don't know how it will be settled, but I don't think the courts will favour him in this case even if he does sue. The courts will probably ask for proof of his mortgage contributions and when it comes out that she paid everything, they'll throw his allegations out.

    Seeing as they both accrued a lot of debt together, it will most likely be split in half.


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  • Not a single one of them has made good financial decisions, and all share should share blame equally

    • What should you do when faced between not eating/no utilities in your house or using a credit card?

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    • Lol do you want me to just say its completely your uncles fault? It sounds like you dont want a real answer you just want to hear people validate what you already think the answer is. If that's the case then fine... your uncle a dick, your aunt is an innocent victim in all this and some rando on the internet thinks your right lol

    • He's not my uncle any longer, and he was an arse. So were his parents.

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