Help?¡!!! I'm kind of confused by his actions?

In person he acts like he likes and wants me but then when we're not together I don't hear from him or anything. Like we have really good chemistry when we're together, just like it always was.
I get he's a shy guy and doesn't like to talk on the phone or text by the way. Still I'm confused.

He's also my ex too
Guys please comment!!!


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  • He's your ex? Then don't get your hopes up, because it's really not feasible to make things work with an ex in most cases.

    • People do and I said he act's like he wants me when I'm over there

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    • No don't think he likes you that much, because if he did, he would have contacted you even when you weren't together.

    • What he does sometimes and he replies to me almost all the time. I even told him to just tell me if he didn't want to hang out with me.

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