What's the best action I should take?

I met a girl two years ago...
it was like movies scenario at beginning, I lived romantic moments and life moments as well which I think will be the best in my life and I will never forget !.
everything was magical, she was like an angel, I could never believe my eyes everytime I see or talk to her.
she had an ugly experiences in past with men plus father isuues and fucked up career and life position!
but the biggest problem she had was a mistake she made in my country before she met me, she got married with a guy for document issues (residency document and other stuff) then he used that thing against her and was controling her life and almost locking her in the house and making her act like a real wife till one day she made a plan with her friends and ran away to her country.
later I met her and heard about the story after we got in relationship and offered her help to get divorced and work in my country and live with me since the man went to Europe.
anyway I wasn't afraid I felt in love crazily and she was worshiping me and treating me as her husband when we moved together in my country, and I found her ajob, my country is in middle east and low is against women and doing what I did is considered a crime and it can lead to a big family tribes war but since I know people in government I fixed everything just divorce left which I couldn't intervent and was her responsibility,

note: I will continue story in comments below since the space here is not enough...

meanwhile I was still dealing with my car accident problems and expenses plus chasing my costumers for money and searching for new work, anyway after we contacted couple of lawyers and they described how hard it is to get it she got afraid then later her "fake" husband got news and started emailing her and she got scared and everything started to change since then and she started acting strange and very cold and was going to work and I wwas staying at home thinking all the time
so I made desicion to ask her to go back to her country so I get the chance to play with open cards with that man and force him o come finish the thing himself so this problem get solved, but she refused and started acing crazy then we moved out and I found a new job and she stayed with one of my friends, anyway things went from bad to worse, she didn't want to solve her problem and was partying all time


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