Guys what do you think about this guy I met? He seemed interested but now I don't know?

I met this guy about 2 weeks ago. He asked me for my number and we hung out. We had such a good time.

The thing is, he always says the whole.. oh ill call you back thing, and he never does? He said that about 5 times now? No call back.. I don't get it.

Well we were supposed to hang out on 2 separate occasions, and he canceled on me saying he forgot he had to go to work, and the second time he didn't have a ride or something.

He texts me and tells me these things, but then when I text him he won't respond.

I texted him just now because I want to know why he is doing this, and I honestly want to know if I'm just wasting my time.

I've been hut by guys in the past, just recently about 2 months ago too. So I'm cautious

What should I say to him if he responds?

I'm super confused!


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    Seriously, he's flaking on you. You are just an interest, clearly among many, and clearly not a priority one, but more of a backburner one.

    There is a 1% chance he's actually playing it cool and "hard to get" but overall, no.

    It's one thing if he says he'll call back once and doesn't. And it's one thing if he doesn't text back once or twice. But if it's often, then you know this is a real waste of time.

    If he only ever texts you come nighttime and not throughout the day, then he's clearly even less interested and just downright bored.

    Those lame excuses about forgetting he has to work and not having a ride are almost always bs. Work is the number one reason anyone ever uses. Family emergencies is generally second. Besides, if he really wanted to see you and they were true, he'd call you to tell you but be insistent on setting another date for rescheduling.

    Move on and cut off contact. If he texts you again don't respond, ignore. Let him feel what it's like to be the one waiting. Thing is, if he's not interested, he probably won't even care.

    If you still like to text with him, you can if you like, but know that 99% he's just bored and not serious, and you can't expect anything from this.

    • I wouldn't go by what the girl below me has said, with absolutely no offense intended. it speaks of inexperience. I don't claim to have a lot but I definitely know about the texting things.

      if he doesn;t have a texting plan, he would've said so, or he wouldn't have ever really texted.

      he was probably hoping to score, didn't, and realized you weren't that easy.

      if you ask him straight up what the deal is, if he is just playing around, he certainly wouldn't be honest about it.

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  • He may not have texting might want to ask him. I know my best friend has done that. Guys and girls can both be horrible at organizing their lives. My friend Stevie is one of those guys you are lucky this guy remembers to call. :) maybe if you could call him sometimes and ask him over the phone? It is your best bet to get a strait answer.

  • "He's just not that into you."

    Ignore him if he responds, and move on to a guy who calls when he says he will and doesn't cancel.

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