Why does my ex still contact me after he broke up with me and got his girlfriend pregnant?

I dated this guy last year for a few months, it was nothing serious but I really liked him. He broke up with me and shortly after he started dating this girl I was 'friends' with. He would still try to talk to me for a few weeks after we first broke up but we just stopped talking. 6 months later he texts me out of the clear blue and we end up hanging out. This was about 2 months ago. When we hung out it was great it was like nothing happened and we acted like a couple but he still dated the girl he broke up with me for! When he left the next day he would text me for a few weeks after that but we stopped talking again. Then 2 weeks ago he texted me again trying to hang out and he would call me and tell me he missed me. The thing is, now his girlfriend is pregnant and I'm not sure he knows I know. I never brought it up but I found out right after we hung out the last time. Every time he reaches out to me I try to ignore him but it's hard cause I liked him so much. Why does he do this? He has a pregnant girlfriend yet still tries to talk to me? I don't understand


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  • because he is an asshole and he doesn't know what he wants. he had you so he decided he wanted the other woman. he has her now, so he wants you... if he had you, he'd want her (or another one for that matter). he is immature and irresponsible, having a pregnant girlfriend but texting you. what I'd do is block his number, block him everywhere and push him away from your life. leave him in your memories, you had a great time and now he's gone. the poor pregnant girlfriend though... you don't want to be her!


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