Are all my married friends as happy as they appear to be?

I mean I hope they are... But divorce rates are like 1/2 or 1/3 in Australia... Anyways...

I've always liked guys and have been i. Two relationships with men... So I don't think I'm a lesbian... I'm not attracted to women... But it's like I'm not attracted to MOST men either... It's like I like 1 in 10 men who I've dated... But when I like one I really like them and don't want anyone else... Is that weird? Even if it mean being single right up until my age?

Is 30 old for a woman?
Im worried about my biological clock!
I am a single woman who is turning 30 in April... I have always wanted a family of my own...
I just haven't met the right man...

Should I be worried cos I'm getting older?

My friends are all having kids and I'm still dating... They seems so happy.:: It makes me realise what is missing from my life!

im so sad! I want a family of my own! I want to fall madly in love and have beautiful babies... As cheesy as that sounds!
what should I do?


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  • Nah, 30 isn't old. I have really liked some women that are in their thirties, and you can still have kids if you want to.

  • Not ALL are as happy as they appear.


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  • Well you can't be with someone who you aren't attracted to. Have you ever considered that maybe you are asexual?