Found out girlfriend is cheating but she is pregnant?

So me and my exgirlfriend been daying for a year and she's always had many lies thoughout our relationship. 2 weeks ago she told me she is 7 weeks pregnant and she gave me doctors paperwork that she is pregnant. A couple days ago i found messages on her phone telling another guy to go and "pull out" which to my underatanding is have sex, does anyone agree with me or does it have another menaing? Also mesaages that he asked her if she was still going out with me and she said "no i just act nice with him because i call him i need this and that and he brings me whatever i want" not even if he was last man on earth i would go back with him. That same day i sae the measages it was because her door was open but she didn't andwer when i knocked so i went in after a while and there was a messy bed and messy room but i didn't check the closet and im almost sure they were in there hiding they must have forgot to close the door. After i left she sent me a message to never go in her house when she wasn't there, but there was no way she had noticed because i left everything the way it was, the only way she could have seen me was if she was hiding in the closet which i never checked. I felt heart broken and blocked her from everywhere. she's called from different phones and i dont answer and she leaves mesaages crying telling me to answer, which to me is hipocrate. My concearn right now is if the baby in her stomah is actually mine? What should i do? I want be in kids life but i dont want anything to do with her anymore. Should i just wait till the childs born and do dna testing? I really dont want anything to deal with her besides a liar she's a cheater.


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  • First off dude , I'm sorry you had such a useless girlfriend. Yes leave her be for now , but the next time she calls answer the phone and man up and tell her you know about her cheating. She will deny it as they all do. That just adds another lie to the list and nothing more. Tell her that when the child is born you want a paternity test done. If the baby is yours , be a man and be a part of the child's life ; if not then you have no responsibility beyond that.

    • Yes i want a payernity test and if it is mine i want full custudy i dont want my kids around a hoe...

    • 👍I totally agree dude

  • She's probably cheating on you, based on the details you've provided.

    Confront her with your circumstantial evidence to explain why you are breaking up with her.

  • no matter what, break up with her.
    demand, with a lawyer, a paternity test.

    If it is not yours, make her sign a legally binding document that says she acknowledges you are not the father and she will never claim the baby is yours, will never seek child support from you. nothing. And then never see her again.

    if it is yours, you have 7 months to get a better job, and make sure you have money to pay child support. And if you are paying for a kid that is yours, make damn sure you get joint custody. You have every right to be a father, and not just someone who cuts a check weekly to a kid who doesn't know you, and likely will grow to hate your guts based on her lies. You have to make sure that doesn't happen.
    And, other then when you pick up your kid, or visit to see them, have nothing to do with her.


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