Boyfriend slow faded on me?

I asked him if it was over but he never responded so I just assumed we broke up and decided to move on.

Will he ever apologize? Or will I always be left wondering?


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  • Move on. That includes not waiting for an apology or wondering at all. Find a guy that will communicate better.

    • It sucks to be so blunt but he's right. Move on, love.

    • %100 agree.
      If his communication skills are that poor, don't waste your time with him.

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  • No he probably won't, unless he has a change of heart and wants you back, but you are probably too good for someone back and forth anyway.
    And it's not that you are "left" wandering, it's your CHOOSING to wander. Why does his opinions matter at this point? Do you still want to get back with him? That's what you should be questioning yourself. You obviously haven't moved on.

    • wonder***

    • It's a really crappy situation and probably the worst way to break up. I have since deleted his messages, pictures, number and I've blocked him.

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  • He'll plat games with you for as long as you allow him. You deserve better. I need closure too... But we both obviously aren't gonna get it. So, let's just deal with the pain each day as it comes and don't forget to breath always know... This is temporary and "will pass" ... peace

    • Thank you for your kind words. I hope we both get the guys we deserve :)

  • If it's got to the point he's not even responding I think it's safe to say it's well and truly over.
    Quite a heartless way to go about breaking up but shows he wasn't concerned about your feelings. Don't give him a second thought and certainly never give him a second chance. Your worth more than that.

    • Thank you

    • I deleted everything that reminded me of him and have blocked him. I deserve better, I know that now :)